Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

“Diversity is about all of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together.”

– Jacqueline Woodson

Statement of Support

At Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio, we advocate for youth to have equitable opportunities regardless of specific identifiers, including but not limited to race, religion, ethnic heritage, physical or mental abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. Disparities within our communities continue, and systemic racism is still prevalent across our nation. We acknowledge our responsibility to support our community at all times and under all circumstances. In-line with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we believe it is crucial to not only speak up, but to take action, and firmly state that Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio condemns any act of racism or discrimination in any form. It is our mission to inspire youth, especially those who need us most, to achieve their full potential in a safe, positive and engaging environment that promotes education, health, and character development. We affirm the following:

At Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio, we believe a child’s socioeconomic status, race, religion, ethnic heritage, physical or mental abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression should not determine their chances for success.

All people should be afforded the guarantee of fair treatment and equitable opportunity. Many of those without it are within historically marginalized, underserved, and underrepresented populations. We are committed to serving families in neighborhoods that need us the most.

Systemic racism has a traumatic, long-term effect and must come to an end. Our mission further compels us to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation and advancement of certain groups in our country, particularly Black, Brown, Indigenous, other persons of color, LGBTQIA+, and those with physical or mental disabilities.

The essential work that is needed to dismantle unjust systems is complex and requires intentional and decisive action nationally, locally and within our own organizations. Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio continues to build positive, supportive, and inclusive environments that are safe for our diverse youth to express themselves and grow as individuals and future contributors to our society.

Addressing these injustices cannot be accomplished by a single organization; it is only through a collective effort that we can create a future that is equitable and accessible to all, and free of systemic racism. Our youth deserve a safe place, a voice that will be heard and respected, and mentorship from adults free of unfair bias. It is critical that the role models our youth interact with stand up for what is right and help guide the great futures they deserve. We take the charge to stand up for our youth and ensure they receive access and experiences to help them become the best individuals they can be.

By The Numbers

Club Member Diversity

Chart showing club member diversity

Hispanic – 80%
Black – 12%
Other – 6%
White – 2%

Male – 50%
Female – 50%

Staff Diversity

chart showing staff diversity

Hispanic – 72%
Black – 21%
Other – 2%
White – 5%
Asian – 0%

Male – 25%
Female – 75%

Diversity in Board Leadership

board member diversity

Hispanic – 37%
Black – 13%
White – 42%
Asian – 8%

Male – 75%
Female – 25%

Pride Month

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio celebrated Pride Month by highlighting the people who left their impact on the movement. They have changed the conversation around the LGBTQIA+ movement and made it possible for youth to have access to the resources they need.  Youth deserve a safe place, and at the Club they are heard and supported. As young people continue to be the agents of change, it is important they have a place where they have access to mentors and the support to be themselves.

Congrats Lauren - celebrating women's history month

Women’s History Month

The term “glass ceiling”, defined as “an invisible but impermeable barrier that limits women’s career advancement” was coined in the 1980’s by management consultant Marilyn Loden. Although historically women have struggled for career success, those challenges have not stopped women from accomplishing incredible achievements. Data from the National Center for Education Statistics shows that every year for the last four decades, women have earned more Bachelor’s degrees than men. Women have become executives of companies in male-dominated spaces, including finance, entertainment, and information technology. Just ask the executive women of Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio! In fact, BGCSA continues to break barriers as all of our executive leadership is female led.

Celebrating Black History Month

The month of February holds significance to the culture of the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio. This year, during Black History Month, BGCSA paid tribute to the men and women who have contributed to advocating for a more inclusive world. Club members partook in discussions surrounding African American literature and films. Staff spent each week learning about notable African American figures and learned how they too could make a change in their community.

diversity graphic with maya angelou quote