“The best part of my job is serving families and kids in need. I have been working for Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio for 10 years, but the Clubs have been a part of my life since I was a pre-teen. I attended the Calderon Clubhouse until I was a teenager, and when my son was old enough, he attended the Calderon Clubhouse. I guess you could say the Clubs have been a big influence on multiple generations of my family.


As someone who has direct interactions with the families we serve, I have gotten to know their stories pretty well. There is one single dad who takes the bus every day to pick up his daughter from the Club and they struggle. They struggle to take care of their most basic needs, which is why for the last three years I have gotten his daughter a new sweater each winter to keep her warm. It isn’t much, but I do what I can to support and care for these kids.”


Club staff like Karen are vital to the Boys & Girls Club experience. Whether it’s helping a child with homework or providing them with a warm, nutritious meal, our staff does whatever it takes to ensure every child is cared for at the Club.


Today, we are asking you to do whatever it takes to support the vulnerable kids we serve in our community. We can’t do this without you. Please donate today.

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This eight-part series shares the experiences and inspiration of the staff, families, Club members, and volunteers that make up the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio.