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After School

San Antonio After School Programs for Elementary Students and Beyond

Our programs allow your child to explore a variety of programs and interests in a fun, safe, and supportive environment.

From elementary all the way through high school BCGSA provides a fun, safe, and supportive space where students can learn and explore a variety of programs and interests. From homework help, to snacks, and transportation our afterschool program helps students and their guardians make the school year less stressful. (EDP) at school sites throughout the academic year. All BGCSA after school programs focus on academic success, character development and healthy lifestyles.

Why Parents Love BGCSA

Whether we’re helping a child complete homework with the assistance of Sylvan Learning™ tutors or running soccer drills before the championship game, we are here – every weekday – for San Antonio’s youth. Our Club provides opportunities for children to participate in sports leagues, grow academically, and develop socially. Through our after school program, kids develop leadership skills, learn how to make SMART™ decisions, and create the path to their own great futures.

It’s our promise that your kids will have the BGCSA Club Experience!

“I am proud my children have the opportunity to attend BGCSA because it has allowed them to engage with others, improve their learning, and stay off the streets. They love it there and do not want to come home at times.”
“The person that gets the kids is the sweetest person ever. She always has my son out and getting in the car in a very timely manner and ALWAYS respectful. Every staff member that I have spoken to has been kind and courteous.”
“BGCSA saved me from quitting my job, because I couldn’t find a safe and affordable after school program for my kids.”
“Ms. Danielle was a summer counselor for the city program, and when I saw she was part of BGCSA, I knew my children would be in good hands. I had a great experience with her and even though my oldest child doesn’t attend BGCSA he had good things to say about her.”
“I was hesitant to send my son because he is autistic and has trouble communicating with people and since he doesn’t really associate with others outside of home and school, I was nervous. It has been the best decision I made for Brandon. The staff is awesome with Brandon, that Brandon has come out of his shell. He talks more and loves going to the club everyday and with the physical activities he does at the club he has lost a lot of weight. I will definitely keep sending him back every year.”

Why Kids Love BGCSA

Struggling with homework? Need help with your free-throws? Confused about those college applications? Hate being alone? Hungry and wanting a snack? Or just want something fun to do? Get on our bus and come to our Clubhouse! 

You can eat a snack, or even an entire meal, and work with a trained staff member for some help on your homework. Once you finish, you can spend your time how YOU want. Head over to the gaming consoles and play Super Smash Bros or jump into the field for a round of kickball. Want a quiet space away from your smaller siblings? We have that, too! Our supervised teen lounges provide that ~cool~ atmosphere along with college application stations, video games, a fully stocked fridge, and more.

You’ll love it here, and that’s our promise to you.

The Club Experience

Our club focuses on academic success, healthy lifestyles, and character and leadership development. For our year round after school program we work with kids to help them succeed throughout the academic year and the next.

Elementary Students

Elementary students are greeted not only by a friendly staff member but also by a meal and drink. Staff members help elementary students find a cozy spot at our homework tables so students can complete their homework in an encouraging and safe space. 

Once homework is completed and out of the way, that’s where the fun begins! Kids can spend their time in our afterschool program how they want! They can decide to get together with other kids and play Mario Kart or run flag football drills on our playground. Our gyms have basketball hoops for allstar inspiring students. For students who want to spend more time working on reading or math skills, teachers are nearby and happy to help them succeed. 

Our elementary school students love this after school program because it’s fun and filled with everything they love.

Middle and High School Students

Our Teen Centers are perfect places for older students to stay ahead of their school work, have fun with their friends, and plan their futures. There isn’t a homework assignment or question that will stump our staff tutors, making completing assignments a breeze and relieving students’ stress. 

High school students in our afterschool program can take advantage of our virtual driving lessons or attend college nights in our gymnasium, where they can speak with students and faculty from different universities. At BCGSA, we know that everyone loves field trips, so we make sure the older students still get to go somewhere new and exciting, too. 

Whatever their passion, they can find it here at Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio!

After School Program

Membership is done annually, per session on a first-come, first-served basis at the Club of your choice.

All registrants must complete a membership application and complete the registration fee of $100/per child and $25/per teen. Hardship scholarships are readily available; and all military youth or youth on Medicaid Amerigroup are free. Registration fees are capped at $300 per family.

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