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About Us

Providing After School Help For Parents & Kids

When School Is Out,The Clubs Are In

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio provides a life changing Club experience and after school help that assures success is within reach of every child who enters our doors. We work hard to ensure that all Club members are on track to graduate from high school on time and with a solid plan for their futures. Our programs provide avenues for Club members to gain life skills centered around good character, citizenship, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Our Programs Help Kids Succeed

Since 1939, BGCSA has provided safe, supervised after school programming that has consistently made positive impacts on the lives of the children we serve. We are committed to providing opportunities to youth regardless of race, religion, ethnic heritage, physical/mental abilities, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression. We stand as a partner in the collective effort of creating a future that is equitable, accessible, and free of systemic racism.
of youth display an increased knowledge in college and career readiness
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of youth grow socially and emotionally
0 %
of youth maintain and/or improve their grades in core subjects
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Why We Do It

We are committed to serving families in neighborhoods that need us the most by providing after school help and several other programs. 95% of our youth predominantly self-identify as Hispanic or another minority race. While 97% qualify for the free and reduced lunches program and 55% are being raised in single-parent, grandparent, or foster care households. Moreover, three of the six BGCSA freestanding Clubhouses are in the poorest zip codes of San Antonio (78207 and 78220), where food deserts are common, access to healthcare is limited, and gang recruitment and involvement rates are high.

In the school districts we serve, 72% of students are at-risk of dropping out of school and 40% are living in poverty. Many do not have the resources or role models to help them achieve their full potential. We believe a child’s zip code or other demographic factors should not determine their chances for success. This is why we are committed to keeping our membership fees affordable for every family and keeping our doors open when the youth need us most.

How We Do It

When school is out, our 6 Clubhouses and 19 after school extended day programming sites are in. We provide high-quality afterschool programs in a safe environment with caring staff and volunteers dedicated to serving as positive role models and champions of our Club members’ success. As a result, our Club members can imagine a future with a range of possibilities because we are willing to do whatever it takes to help them achieve their own Great Futures.

Want to Learn More?

Whether you’re a parent needing to learn more about signing your child up for after school help or you’re a kid trying to convince your parents to let you join our Club, we welcome you to learn more about us and our programs!
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