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Resiliency Restored

About Resiliency Restored

Supporting kids and teens' mental health has never been more important.

Resiliency Restored is an early-intervention program that aims to combat mental health crises youth commonly face. This program will provide supportive services and skill building opportunities to children and teens, helping them heal and grow from these issues. Skills like crisis response and resolution will be at the forefront of the program to encourage strong emotional intelligence. Supportive services provided range from group and/or individual counseling and family support referrals.

By intervening earlier and initiating open conversation and group forums with children in safe, age-appropriate environments, children and teens can recognize and respond to changes in their behaviors and feelings; recover from adverse experiences; and understand when, how, and where to seek help.

Active members at Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio are eligible to participate. Not an active member? Find the nearest Clubhouse to you!

We Help Children Restore Personal Resiliency

Our Resiliency Restored program is included in all Club memberships and provided at no additional cost, regardless of how many sessions or services are needed. Elements of programming include:

  • Large group sessions with age appropriate peers, focused on common topics like bullying, depression, anxiety, relationships, gun violence, racism, COVID, etc.
  • Small group sessions with age appropriate peers, focused on specific, targeted topics, such as eating disorders, suicidal ideation, cyberbullying, school shootings, gang violence, gender identity, gender expression, etc.
  • One-on-one counseling to discuss concerns, trauma, and other topics privately
  • Crisis-Response Hotline, available for non-life threatening emergencies

All elements of programming are administered by Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and overseen by our Clinical Director (LPC-S). For questions about this program, please email [email protected].

How To Participate in Resiliency Restored

All active Clubhouse members (6-18) are eligible to participate in Resiliency Restored. To enroll a child in the program, please complete a referral form in as much detail as available. Referrals can be submitted by parents, guardians, teachers, BGCSA staff members, and other parties as needed. Referrals can be submitted for observation or knowledge of: 

  • concerning behaviors, thoughts, or feelings
  • traumatic experience
  • need for specific skills-buildings (i.e., conflict resolution, communication, boundary-setting, etc.)

To submit a referral, please email [email protected].

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