Aaliyah Glover was named the 2019 Youth of the Year during the 2nd Annual Youth of the Year Gala at the Mays Family Clubhouse. Aaliyah was a member of Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio for 11 years, a medaled swimmer, and team captain of her school’s varsity swim team. She first discovered her passion for swimming at the age of seven during swim lessons at the Calderon Clubhouse on San Antonio’s Westside. Aaliyah is now a freshman at Texas A&M University where she is studying to become either a neuroscientist or a cardiologist.


During her speech at the Youth of the Year Gala, Aaliyah took a moment to thank everyone for her Club experience.


“I want to say thank the Boys & Girls Club for giving me opportunities of a lifetime. Things that I will take with me to college and in my future. You gave me the chance to really find myself.”

Youth of the Year Aaliyah Glover