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“It was my first day of school and my first day at The Club.  I was really nervous and shy. 

I remember getting on the bus after school and I met Ms. Frida, our bus driver.  She was really nice.  When I got to the Club, I met Ms. Kay and Mr. Ruben…”  Then she broke off and giggled.  “Wow.  That’s funny.  I still remember their names!”

Later that day, Glorien’s mom asked how her first day went.  She told her about doing her homework, making new friends in the Game Room, creating her project in the Art Room, and playing volleyball in the Gym.  Her mom asked, “Was this at school?”  Glorien responded, “No, it was at the Boys & Girls Club!”

That was four years ago.

Now 15 years old, Glorien has graduated from the Calderon Clubhouse to the adjacent Teen Center.  Many of the friendships she made have followed her to the new location and throughout the years.  Watch their interaction and it is evident that their friendships are deeply-rooted, positive and nurturing.   She is a daily presence at The Club, participating in STEM, the Spelling Bee, special teen events, volleyball, and programs that foster leadership and cultivate healthy, positive relationships.   “I just help wherever I am needed.  It’s fun here!” she says.

Glorien’s mom looks at her daughter thoughtfully, “She wants to be a lawyer.  She is so determined, focused and always studying.  That’s all she talks about.”


“A leader is worthy, humble and generous,” says Glorien, “I want to stick up for people and make a difference.  When someone new comes to The Club and they’re feeling shy, I tell them that I felt the same way my first time – everybody does – and even though it’s a different experience for everyone, you don’t have to feel like you’re alone because we’re here and we’ll help you.”

Glorien and her peers are leaders in the making – thanks to community members like you.  Your past support has driven success for nearly 8,400 youth in San Antonio:

  • 99% of members stayed in school and successfully progressed to the next grade level.
  • 99% improved their grades in basic skills courses including math, science, and reading.
  • 87% of high school seniors pursued higher education.

Even the staff friendships are important to me. Mr. Derrick (a youth development professional) is like the older brother I never had. He keeps me honest and if I do something wrong, he tells me so I get a chance to fix it. 

Growing up with a father in the Navy Reserves meant that sometimes I didn’t see him for stretches at a time. I know his absence helped me relate with Club kids who didn’t have two parents at home or who had trouble with their parents. Sometimes it gave me a chance to be an older brother figure to them. I also think being a military kid has made me more independent.” 

Your support will give more military youth like Steven the chance to start their great futures. It will give them a safe place to connect with role models and make friends, a quiet place to do homework, and a support network that keeps them returning to the Club. 

You can help more kids begin their great futures at the Club with your tax-deductible year-end gift today. 

The outcomes are impressive but there is still a gap between the services needed and the resources we are able to provide.  We cannot do it without your help.  Glorien’s mom is a single, working parent whose three other children also attend BGCSA.  Like other BGCSA families, they pay only $50 a year per child to receive high-quality, year-round, out-of-school-time care including after school, summer and holidays.  It costs us $722 per child to provide access to these empowering programs.  Help us fill the gap.


Talent and potential are universal.  Opportunity is not.  The families in the neighborhoods we serve face sobering challenges:


  • 31% of area adults did not complete high school (compared to 19% in San Antonio).
  • 70% of the students in the school districts we serve are considered at risk of dropping out of school.
  • 41% of children in the area are living in poverty (compared to 29% in San Antonio).

Your contribution will ensure that our future generations will look like Glorien and her peers.  You can help this strong community of young leaders discover their voices, see the potential within, and trust that they can make a difference in their world.  In Glorien’s words, “The Club changes the way you see everything.  It opens doors for you.”  Open the door for our Club members and give them access to a GREAT future regardless of economic means.  Please consider making your end-of-year gift today to continue empowering youth for a better tomorrow.

Text GREAT to 91999 or click HERE to donate any amount with your credit/debit card.



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Download Glorien’s story HERE.

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